I have a chronic health condition called M.E., its classed as a disability but I am determined to not be defined by it.  See ‘What is M.E.?’ page to learn more about it.

I have also suffered and still suffer from various mental health conditions. Most significantly anorexia but also depression, anxiety, OCD, self-harm and alcohol misuse. Please see ‘What is Anorexia?’ page for more information.

This blog aims to dispel myths about M.E., mental health conditions and disability in general. It aims to entertain, to inform and to share the benefits of taking time to listen to your body and explore your true self. This is the story of my healing journey.

Some of the symptoms of M.E. including poor spelling, word finding and concentration so apologies for any mistakes! But I love writing and it’s a lot easier than speaking which M.E. definitely makes difficult.

All opinions expressed are my own, feel free to feel inspired but please don’t undertake any new forms of exercise or treatment without the support of a practitioner.


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