Neopolitan Dreams

There is a song I have been listening to ever since I got diagnosed with M.E. 10 years ago. It’s a cheerful song called Neopolitan Dreams by Lisa Mitchell and I use it to remind me that the struggles I’m going through are all part of a process that needs to happen. These things are happening for a reason and I have to let them wash over me and try and soak up the useful lessons they’re providing. It reminds me that I can choose what I focus on. I can calm my thoughts and focus on my dreams. I do not have to let the ‘little thieves’ of depression, anxiety and their cronies affect me. It reminds me to let people go and that I can be okay on my own. Although I have no clue as to when and if I will get better I can still live a worthwhile life. I will be okay.

You go and I’ll be okay
I can dream the rest away
It’s just a little touch of fate, it’ll be okay
It sure takes its precious time, but it’s got rights and so have I

I turn my head up to the sky
I focus one thought at a time
I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeve
It couldn’t be a longer time, I feel like I am walking blind
I have no arrival time
There are no legible signs



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