I deserve…

In the last few weeks I’ve finally realised just how important it is to assert my rights and my needs. I have spent far too long feeling afraid and powerless and it’s high time I started taking control. I decided to write myself a reminder note of all the things that I do and don’t deserve. Perhaps you might like to have a go for yourself or use these ideas as your reminder that you always deserve the best.

I don’t deserve:

  • To feel afraid or threatened
  • To be used
  • To feel neglected or be ignored
  • To be manipulated and emotionally abused
  • To be made to feel stupid
  • To feel worthless
  • To feel that I am not good enough
  • To feel that I need to change
  • To be blamed for others’ emotions and mistakes
  • To feel trapped
  • To be bribed
  • To be lied to
  • To be cheated on
  • To be left alone when vulnerable
  • To be pushed to my limits (mentally and physically)
  • To be taken advantage of
  • To be assaulted
  • To have my feelings questioned
  • To be mocked and bullied
  • To feel like my problems are trivial
  • To be punished for my mistakes

I DO deserve:

  • To feel safe
  • To be loved unconditionally
  • To be accepted exactly as I am
  • To feel that I am enough
  • To feel listened to
  • To be respected
  • To feel involved
  • To dress however I like
  • To feel like an asset to someone’s life, not a burden
  • To feel wanted without being needed
  • To feel wanted without feeling worthless
  • To have boundaries and have them respected
  • To have consistency and stability
  • To be able to trust others
  • To feel beautiful without feeling like it’s my only positive quality
  • To take up space
  • To speak my truth
  • To say no and be heard
  • To be allowed to change my mind or anything about me
  • To be expressive
  • To have a go and not be mocked/punished if it doesn’t work out
  • To feel that I am more than just a body
  • To assert my needs and have them respected

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