Living in harmony

I’ve just completed Susannah Conway’s ‘Find Your Word For 2017’

The idea is that through 5 days of journalling exercises you find your word for the year. The word that will inspire you, help you, focus you for the year.

2016 was a year of massive change for me. I felt like my world was constantly changing. It was all ultimately positive but all the lessons I learned were exhausting and confusing! Last year’s word would be ‘revelation’ I think. I had a lot of them. 2016 left me all jumbled up. I felt like I was rummaging around in a box and pulling out distorted masks thinking “what the hell does this mean?!” and then going back in the box again. This year I’m seeking a calmness and clarity. No more panicked rummaging! I’ve pulled enough out of the box to work on for now.

One of the journal exercises was to imagine my perfect day. It was a bit vague, as I always get distracted during meditations and visualisations, but essentially it involved a walk through the woods to the top of the hills (see photo), on my own, where I then ate a picnic looking at the view (being able to walk up more is one of my goals this year). Then in the afternoon I sat reading all snuggled up with a cup of tea and a loved one nearby, also reading. Then  we cooked dinner happily chatting and dancing. Then I think there was a bath (I really like baths these days) and a comfy bed to snuggle in. Pretty unadventurous stuff I know, but calm, content, safe, healthy, balanced. Everything I need right now. I’ve got very into the concept of ‘hygge’ after being given a book about it for Christmas. My ideal day is very ‘hyggelig’ or ‘huggle-y’ as my friend Ellie calls it.

I narrowed it down to 5 words: clarity, intuition, trust, nurture and peace. I explored what they meant to me, how they made me feel and what deeper significance they might hold for me. What arose were what would make pretty good intentions for the year:

  • Clarity: be clear about my needs, expose my truths = calm, in control, focused
  • Nurture: need to prepare myself for life, need to nurture myself first and then my relationships = safe, calm, warm, gentle
  • Trust: need to trust my intuition, need to learn to trust others again = safe, secure
  • Intuition: need to trust my intuition and use it to heal myself = calm, connected, positive, spiritual
  • Peace: my dislike of conflict, both external and internal. Find peace with myself = calm, happy, blissful, safe.

So as you can see, I obviously want to feel calm and safe (don’t we all?!) and nurture trust in my intuition in order to find clarity and peace. Simple!

But that’s a lot of words, which one is my word for 2017? One word to encompass all those intentions. Susannah does say you can have more than one, or a main word and some supporting words. Also you can try it out and if it doesn’t work find a new one. It might only fit for a few months and then another comes along that makes more sense. After a lot of thesaurus work in the end I flipped a coin (as per Susannah’s advice) between intuition and harmony. Heads it was, and it was harmony. It felt good so I went with it.

Being in harmony with myself means trusting my intuition and nurturing myself. Harmony means being at peace with myself and my surroundings. Harmony means being connected in my relationships with my loved ones.Harmony means being in touch with nature, both the external world and my inner rhythms. Harmony is feeling safe and calm.

Susannah has lots of creative idea about what you can do with your word once you’ve found it from Pinterest boards to paintings, planners to pebbles.

I’m going to have fun with my word. I’ll see how long it stays with me for and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Link to Susannah’s website for Find Your Word and loads of journal ideas and e-courses in personal growth


4 thoughts on “Living in harmony

  1. Dona says:

    Hello, I found my way here from your post on Susannah Conway’s find your word FB page.
    I enjoyed reading your blog post. It makes me curious about M.E. What does M. E. stand for? Can you tell us more about the disease?


    • personnotdiagnosis says:

      Hi Dona

      Thank you for your message and your kind words.
      M.E. is also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and stands for Myalgic Encephalopathy.
      I will write a blog post about it for you, or perhaps add a section on it to my page.
      Essentially it is an overload on the body which causes it to live on constant high-alert.
      This results in crashes where the sufferer is extremely fatigued punctuated with periods of high adrenaline.
      Symptoms include: Severe and debilitating fatigue, painful muscles and joints, disordered sleep, dizziness, gastric disturbances, poor memory and concentration.
      In many cases, onset is linked to a viral infection. Other triggers may include an operation or an accident, although some people experience a slow, insidious onset.
      It affects people to differing degrees, some can still work or study, others are bedbound and completely disabled.
      For more information:


  2. Terri says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog post on Finding Your Word – I love that HARMONY encapsulates so much of your thoughts and shortlist in an intentional way. All best wishes with your word in 2017! (And pls delete my previous comment – sorry – I was thinking how it was intentional and got carried away!)


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