Letting go

I had a transformative experience in the care of my chiropractor on Saturday.

My chiropractor performs Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and I’ve been in her care for about 9 months – which is wonderfully fitting as I felt like I had been reborn after my session!

I got onto the bench feeling upset about the current situation I was in, the challenges and upsets life has been throwing at me recently, and I sat with it (or rather lay face down with it). I’ve been trying to do this alot recently, really acknowledge feelings as they come and go. Its my body trying to send me messages so I need to listen up instead of ignoring them for once! So I lay with this feeling of upset, I had a little cry through the face hole, and I then I felt terrified all of a sudden! Fear flooded through me and filled me with nervous energy, I nearly jumped off the table and ran away! Until very recently I have always had a flight or freeze response to fear, not a stick it out a fight one, but again I lay with the fear. My chiropractor made some adjustments with my hips then got me to turn over onto my back. I can’t really remember all that happened next as I was so blissed out, but I was basically laid on my back, knees bent, with my arms out to the side, then gradually my arms opened wider as my chest lifted off the bench and I formed an arch with my back. With the sunlight flooding through the window I felt like an angel! I genuinely thought I was in heaven for a while! Afterwards my chiropractor said that she had to hold my hips down as I wouldn’t have been ready for a full backbend, but that my body really wanted to go! In the system of NSA I had gone from being in my head (thinking) to a level of feeling with my soul.

After the session I sat up on the bench and I felt pure bliss. I felt empty, but not in a bad way, empty as if I had been cleansed. I no longer felt the upset or the fear, in fact all my memories seemed far away and I felt only love for the people that had hurt me. I had finally let go of my old story, and that’d what I want to talk about. Its so easy to hold onto old stories and limiting beliefs e.g. I must be unworthy of love because this person rejected/hurt me, or I must be hideous because a bully teased me about my looks. These old stories don’t serve us, they keep us locked into old patterns which affect our life – why give that bully power over your life when its been 10 years since your last saw them? We might think that these stories and beliefs define who we are, but what happens when your story about yourself being a star striker in football gets disrupted by an injury? How does a  belief that you always fail limit you when you want to acheive? Beliefs are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed and in doing so, we can be changed. Write down your beliefs, challenge them, replace them with more helpful ones. Write down your stories about yourself question them – are they helpful? If not, let them go.

Its taken me a long time to get to this point, and I have no idea what will happen next, but it excites me rather than scares me now, I feel curious! Who will I be next?

What will you decide to let go of? Who will you be next?

Since my session the horrible compressed feeling in the middle of my back which I have had for years has gone, which feels amazing! I’m so excited, I keep telling everyone! In Louise Hay’s philosophy of healing the middle back holds memories, your past and to release this section is to let go of your past. How very true that feels right now.


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